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Rembrandt Films is the umbrella company for our three businesses that specialize in animation, video production, and business writing. Click on the drop-down menu on any of them for more information.
Adam Snyder covers the bases as an animation and video producer, distributor of animated films, and business writer. He is the author or co-author of many business books and has written dozens of speeches for Fortune 500 CEOs, magazine articles, white papers, and annual reports.

Among his most recent business books are:

  • Graced with Orange: How Caring for Cambodia Changed Lives, Including My Own written with Jamie Amelio, founder of Caring for Cambodia, an NGO building schools in Cambodia (Meadow Lane Publishing, 2013).

  • Maximizing Profits Immediately: How to Immediately Improve Your Bottom Line by Mathew Figgie and Rick Solon, CEO and President of the Clark Reliance Corporation (to be published in Fall, 2013).

  • Reinvent: A Leader’s Playbook for Serial Success by Fred Hassan, former CEO of Schering-Plough and Avon and current Time Warner board member and principal at Warburg Pincus (Jossey-Bass, 2013).

  • Starting and Growing an Independent Consultant Practice: Lessons From Those Who Have Been There and Done It with Dr. Bruce Katcher, president of Discovery Surveys (AMACOM Books, 2010).

  • Building a Billion Dollar Company from Scratch with Harry E. Figgie, Jr., founder and former chairman of Figgie International (Ruder Finn Press, 2008).

  • Trust: The Secret Weapon of Effective Leaders by Kathy Bloomgarden, CEO of the Ruder Finn public relations agency (St. Martin’s Press, 2007)

  • 25 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers: What You Can Do About It with Dr. Bruce Katcher, president of Discovery Surveys (AMACOM Books, 2007).

  • Crossing the Road to Entrepreneurship with Bert L Wolstein founder and former Chairman of Developers Diversified Realty Corporation (Case Western Reserve University Press, 2004).

  • Foundations for the Future with Phil Chenok, former president of the American Institute Certified Public Accountants (JAI Press, 2000).

As President of Rembrandt Films, Adam has traveled extensively in eastern Europe and is the distributor of such classic animation as the films by the Czech puppet animation master, Jiri Trnka, and the animated shorts from the legendary Zagreb Film Studio. His production credits include:

  • The Animated Century, a 90-minute documentary on the history of animation that has aired worldwide, including on the Bravo Channel in the ‬United States.

  • ‪The Nudnik Show, a 13-part half-hour children's series that has aired in more than 15 countries.

  • Numerous children’s films based on award-winning picture books co-produced with Weston Woods Studios.

Adam has a political background, having served as a press secretary in the U.S. Congress.

Contact:  adam@rembrandtfilms.com

AppleMark Patricia Giniger Snyder is an award-winning a video/film producer, director, editor and writer specializing in documentaries.  Her work, whether long or short form presentations, have a creative and poignant uniqueness. 

She began her career at WNET/THIRTEEN, New York City’s flagship PBS station, but left to pursue her lifelong career as an independent producer, beginning with the internationally successful and acclaimed, Silent Pioneers, a documentary about elderly lesbians and gay men which premiered on PBS and aired in Europe, Asia and Australia. It received blue ribbon prizes at film festivals across the globe, as well as an Emmy Nomination for the Year’s Most Outstanding Program. 

Pat has also produced documentaries featured in permanent and temporary museum exhibitions.  Among them are Girona, the Mother of Israel/The Jews of Catalonia at the Jewish museum in Girona, Spain; The Lower East Side, Gateway to the American Dream at the Lower East Side Conservancy; and The Truth About the Dreyfus Affair for a traveling exhibit on the Dreyfus Affair and housed in the University of Pennsylvania Library.

With the advent of the Internet, Pat specializes in short form documentaries for non-profit organizations which she likens to writing a perfect paragraph or short story rather than a full length novel.  These videos are shown by the non-profits on the worldwide web, as well as for galas, fundraising events and general education.  She has also produced legacy videos honoring distinguished professionals and celebrating peoples’ lives.  Among her numerous credits are:

Pat is an experienced Final Cut Pro editor, skilled in its ancillary programs such as MOTION and DVD Studio Pro.  She is also still photographer; her celebrity photograph documenting UN Refugee Agency’s videos to AID DARFUR with Meryl Streep and Tony Bennett, appeared in PEOPLE Magazine.

Pat is also a freelance writer and lecturer, focusing on healthcare, teenage and Jewish matters, particularly the Jews of Spain. Her articles have appeared in Hadassah Magazine and the Jewish Monthly.  Among her writing clients are:

Formerly, Pat was Director of Special Projects for Ruder Finn’s Visual Technology Group; Manager of the Government/Communities Affairs at WNET-Channel 13 (PBS station in NYC); a lecturer of film production at the University of Barcelona; a lecture circuit speaker on the Jews of Spain; a community activist for the Citizens Committee for Children in the South Bronx; an advance person for Ronnie M. Eldridge, candidate for Manhattan Borough President; and a legislative assistant in the U.S. Congress.

Contact:  pat@rembrandtfilms.com

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