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About Rembrandt Films Animation

Rembrandt Films was founded by William L. Snyder in 1949 as an importer of films from Europe. In 1951 the company brought to the United States The Emperor's Nightingale, a puppet animation feature by the Czech master, Jiri Trnka. With a new English narration by Boris Karloff, it was released in U.S. theaters to widespread critical acclaim. Other classic films followed, including White Mane and The Red Balloon.

In the 1960s Rembrandt Films began producing cartoons in Prague, including Tom and Jerrys for MGM/UA and Popeyes for King Features. All the films were directed by the American animation director Gene Deitch, the former head of the UPA studio in New York and the creator of such classic characters as Tom Terrific.

Rembrandt Films and Deitch also produced their own cartoons in Prague, and between 1960 and 1964 they received five Academy Award nominations and an Oscar for Munro, written by Jules Feiffer. The company also pioneered the animation of classic children's books, including Ludwig Bemelmans' Madeline series, James Thurber's Many Moons, and Eve Titus' Anatole.

In 1995 Snyder's son Adam revived Rembrandt Films, beginning with the release of a restored version of Emperor's Nightingale on home video and DVD. Wired magazine called it "one of the most stunningly beautiful animated films ever released."

The rest of the Rembrandt Films library was then packaged into the 13-part, half-hour television series called The Nudnik Show, which has aired in more than a dozen countries. Each episode features new animation featuring Nudnik, all directed by Deitch.

Other new productions followed, including more children’s films co-produced with Weston Woods and the 92-minute history of animation, The Animated Century, which includes clips from 160 films from 26 countries. Rembrandt Films is also the exclusive worldwide distributor of several important animation libraries, including the films from Zagreb Film.

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