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The Best Animated Film Ever Made. Okay, so it’s our opinion. But watch Munro yourself and tell us if you disagree. Written by Jules Feiffer, this Oscar-winner about a four-year-old boy inadvertently drafted into the United States Army is certainly among the great American cartoons.

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Frozen Logger (5:21)      
Frozen Logger Based on the song by Lee Hayes of the Weavers, a waitress falls in love with a fanciful woodsman who stirs his coffee with his thumb.

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Self Defense for Cowards (9:17)      
Self Defense for Cowards Narrated by the sardonic Arthur Treacher, this is the classic animated guide for wimps.

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The Ceremony (3:14)      
The Ceremony In this classic tale by Zagreb Film animation master Bordo Dovnikovic, six people are grouped and regrouped in front of a wall as if for a photograph. But all is not as it seems.

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Dream Doll (11:05)      
Dream Doll In this Academy Award nominee, a man establishes an emotional relationship with a blowup doll. This is a remarkable collaboration between the Croatian Zlatko Grgic and the Australian-born Bob Godfrey.

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Nudnik Gags

Nudnik in Lights Out (:30)
Nudnik in Planter (:30)
Nudnik in To Pee (:30)
Three Nudnik gags Nudnik is Rembrandt Films' signature character, the star of the company's 13-part half-hour television series, The Nudnik Show. These 30-second Nudnik gags were created expressly for this classic series, which has aired in more than 20 countries.

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